Webinar – Terminology management for translators

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Effective terminology management can save you lots of time: It is believed that 40% of translation time is spent in terminology research (see article). Systematic terminology management guarantees the consistency of translations making sure that each time the same translation is provided for a term. Terminology includes terms (words, abbreviations and phrases) that have a specific meaning in a specialized language. The process of looking up, storing and managing terms is called terminology management. During this webinar, all three aspects of terminology management will be discussed. Part 1 of this webinar will focus on the basics of terminology and will teach you smart and quick ways to search for terms on the Web. You will learn how to apply operators (e.g. AND, OR) in order to limit the number of hits in queries. You will also get to know WebCorp, a search engine specially developed for linguists and translators, as well as some multilingual search engines. Part 2 will be on managing terminology. You will get information on freely available terminology collections on the Web. You will also learn to use computer programs for terminology extraction in order to create a list of terms before you start translating a text. Finally, we will discuss different options when it comes to saving and updating terms in a database: which products are there and what kind of information should term bases contain. Objectives: After this webinar you can search the Web efficiently for terms and translation equivalents. You will be able to store and edit the retrieved terms. You will know which criteria must be met by correct terminology management and you have learnt about computer aided term extraction and know how it works. This webinar is intended both for active CAT tool users and for those having no prior experience with translation tools or terminology software but wishing to get acquainted with systematic terminology management.
This webinar will be recorded and the video will be made available only to people who registered, even if they could not attend the live course.

Part 1: Searching for terms the smart way- Introduction. What is terminology? Why is it useful? (15′) – Intelligent search with Google: searching with operators (15′) – Linguistic search with WebCorp (15′) – Using multilingual search engines (15′)
Part 2: Terminology extraction and management- Online terminology collections, parallel corpora and other resources (15′) – Mono- and multilingual term extraction (15′) – Working with terminology databases (15′) – Final remarks and questions (15′)
Picture credits: © koya979 – Fotolia.com

About the Presenter: Attila Görög Attila Görög graduated in Lexicology and Terminology. He is language technology consultant, terminologist and computational linguist at the VU University Amsterdam. He is currently involved in a number of national and international projects such as the Dutch Terminology Service Centre, DutchSemCor, Open Source Dutch WordNet and OpeNER. Attila also has some experience as a translator from Dutch/English/French to Hungarian. For more information, please refer to: www.attilagorog.com.

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