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The Dutch Network for Terminology


A couple of words on my job. As many of you know, besides working for ExacTerm, I’m also part of the DNT-Team (DNT stands for Dutch Network for Terminology or Steunpunt Nederlandstalige Terminologie in Dutch).


The Dutch Network for Terminology (DNT) was founded in 2007 by the Dutch Language Union, a Dutch-Flemish government institution. The DNT functions as a non-commercial information center for all aspects of terminology and serves the entire Dutch-speaking community. We give advice on terminological research (e.g. on methodology, availability of tools and their use, literature etc.) to anyone who is involved in terminology-related work (companies, organizations, translators, terminologists, teachers, scientists etc.).
On behalf of the Dutch Language Union, the DNT maintains the website NedTerm ( NedTerm provides information on terminology activities (workshops, conferences, etc.) and also includes a bibliography of terminological works, an overview of terminology training courses in the Netherlands and in Flanders, and provides information on standardization issues and on sources for terminology work (e.g. links to term collections freely accessible on the Internet).

 The DNT also organizes terminology trainings and workshops for translators and master classes for scientists and language experts on different subjects relating to terminological research (thesauri, ontologies, semantic web applications, etc).

Besides organizing in-depth study days, we are also offering practical solutions to our targeted group. One example is an Ad hoc terminology course, a methodology I have summarized on this Blog a couple of days ago.

If you want more information on the DNT and our working methods or you are searching for partners for a Terminology project, feel free to contact me.